It’s finally the start of the semestral break. After almost six months of studying, here it is: rest.

Here’s during Strategic Planning finals with my group mates

vicky and mia

we did this Strategic Planning pitch about Study Buddy. it’s an aroma therapy inhaler that’s supposed to enhance memory.

here’s marga and parel

Study Buddy works by enhancing the brain’s memory and recall abilities using herbs.

rosemary, chives, mint, etc.

(l-r) baba, mia, mae

the thing smells like Chinese medicine. now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. i actually like it.

and, change topic.

i just found out that Gino Jose (pictured below) works as a student DJ at Magic 899. very interesting.

maybe it’s time i stop listening to 96.3 and start tuning in to DJ Gino.

back to topic.

here’s the group of Parel working on their Cetaphil pitch.

that’s nikki gil on the far left, parel, christine, and aaron.

and mia, mae, baba, and kit working on our mock-up of the product

finally, here’s J-Cel showing us the latest Coke Ad Campaign during Ms. Diyco’s advertising management class.

and this is the maintenance guy at the Communications Department who always disappears after lunch time.

relax, it’s sembreak


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