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I’m looking at three weeks of rest starting today. it’s the semestral break.

i’m taking this time to re-organize my photographs over the years. i think i have about 6-7 thousand photos here in total.

i’ll be doing a lot of printing, a lot of labeling, & a lot of compiling.

for the past 3 years now, i’ve exclusively shot my photos digitally. however, it is only now that it has dawned on me that there is a huge chance that in the near future, i won’t be able to open the files anymore.

digital files might become obsolete similar to the fate of floppy disks!

my fear is really in losing memories of family and friends that have been immortalized photographically. but it may turn out that they aren’t really immortalized…

this one’s melissa ursua.
as such, i’m doing a lot of thinking as to whether i should go back to shooting film (even for just the events i want to remember forever) or risk it and stick with digital.

maybe i should use digital for work; film for personal memories.

Professor of Filipino at the Ateneo de Manila University Mr. Gary Devilles

it’s amazing how film negatives can last for a hundred years or more.

i’m not sure if my digital files can match that. maybe printing them out is one way of making them last a lifetime. Epson inks are supposed to be of archival quality; able to stand the test of time. hopefully.

or, one option suggested by Adobe is the DNG (digital negative format). it’s the format being proposed as the generic RAW capture format. this way, in ten, twenty years from now, the file formats will stay the same. this means that all major digital camera manufacturers should use DNG as the RAW format instead of some other format.

but i shoot jpeg. hopefully, jpeg remains jpeg. forever.

Ara Garcia of Ateneo COSA.

what if i just go back to shooting film. wouldn’t that really simplify things? surely, it’ll be a bit more costly than digital because of the developing. but i think it’s worth it if only to ensure that my memories will last a lifetime…and maybe even more than that.

i don’t know. still thinking.

i messed up the color space of one of the photos here. i’ll upload it again sometime


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