‘sang set shots

koreans koreans koreans everywhere.

A Korean tourist having his photograph taken at Baywalk. Yep, he’s Korean. by simply looking at the pose, I can tell.

Not really.

it’s surprising how suddenly, there are so many koreans roaming around the streets. they’ve set up korean deli shops, korean restos, korean massage parlors…wait, i’m not sure about the massage parlors.

a few months ago, i got to talk to this korean girl who’s studying here. i asked her why the sudden boom in korean tourists in the country. it turns out that most are here to study. cheaper education in the Philippines, she says.

I see.

Nevertheless, I digress.

Koreans come Koreans go, but we’ll never run out of Americans

Kid wondering what the hell’s this big white dude on a shiny red thing doing in our thing. And why are his shorts so big that I can almost see his thing?

That last question’s from me.

and lovers staring out into the sunset.

or lovers holding hands.

You, me, and umbrella.
lovers. that word sounds…prurient.

back to the Americans.

I don’t fully understand them; on many different levels.

“Dsonson my dear, I labs you. Dat’s d troot.” “Well, I sure love you too Maritess.”

Let me tickle you with my foot while you teach me the wonders of digital imaging.

The twenty peso question:

How can you tell an American from say, a German? The lady in black (at least in the two previous photos).

i think i mentioned a few sentences above something about lovers.

this one. well, not technically a couple yet. but it starts with a simple glance.

Love at first sight.

some aren’t as lucky.

I think this guy got stood up.

And, yes. I haven’t said that all photos in this entry were taken at Baywalk.

lots of families around.

Only dad gets to eat corn.

families only mean one thing. kids.

Bling for kids.
wait. and oldies, too.

trapped in so many ways. maybe if she were younger (and healthier) she would’ve enjoyed more. dunno.

but it’s funny how same things turn out differently for different people.

only regret in this photo is not having gotten the names of these two.

i just brought enough money for transportation on this trip. so when these two guys came to me asking for some donations, i told them sorry but i didn’t have any to give.

interestingly, the guy in the wheel chair asked me to take their photo instead.

he was happy with that.

i was happy. somehow.

during the night, Baywalk is a popular ‘nightlife spot’ for tourists and locals. i think bands play nightly, and patrons get to enjoy al fresco dining overlooking the bay.

I plan to drop by again next time. maybe early in the morning for a different experience.

i originally planned to include a lot more destinations along the way for this trip but i think heading straight to Baywalk was the better idea.

i’ll save the rest for next time. so there will be a next time.


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