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Casino Royale, the latest installment to the James Bond franchise, will be in theaters this Wednesday (15th of November) here in Metro Manila. The latest Bond movie stars Daniel Craig.

I don’t know who this guy is. A quick wikipedia check tells me he’s made quite a number of films; one of which is Road to Perdition alongside Tom Hanks. But I honestly can’t remember seeing him there.

I’ve seen the Casino Royale trailer and I feel that it’s sort of a departure from the usual James Bond movies. Both movie and actor seem more brusque than sophisticated. I’m not sure, we’ll have to see the actual movie to be able to judge.

But one thing’s for sure: he’s blonde, James Blonde.

Also, this Sunday (19th of November), Pacquiao will once again face Morales. It’ll be the third and perhaps last time they will meet in the ring to settle the 1-1 score they have against each other.

Who’ll win? That’s the 30 peso question.

the tinker.

Hopefully Pacquiao.
But really, I’m more interested to see the latest sponsor’s logos printed on his boxer shorts.


boxing shorts.
I hear that it costs an arm and a leg to have your brand printed on the shorts. Whether the whole torso should be thrown in depends on the placement and size–not of the torso, but of the logo.

Nevertheless, Pacquiao’s strategy of marketing himself really well while he’s still popular works to his favor. It ensures the financial stability of his family long after he retires.

And he’ll need the money to pay for his medications when he gets old.

Another thing i’ve noticed with this whole Pacquiao phenomenon is noticeable increase in the number of boxing gyms around the Metro. Just near my house, there are already 3 boxing gyms.

Suddenly, everyone wants to punch and be punched.

Now, there are three things the average Pinoy wants to be.

artista, basketball player, and boxer.

loads of cash in a heartbeat.

the establishment.

the loyal customer.

On the subject of quick, here’s another kind of quick.

long hour, short hour.

St. Michael and I = Happiness.

Who cares about being a doctor? A lot more are interested in being nurses so they can be exported, like goods, to other countries.

Nursing used to be a noble profession.

it still is.

but the intent to help isn’t there anymore.

it’s all about intent.

a few months ago, i read this article. forgot where. it was about the brain drain happening here in Philippines.

Every year, thousands of graduates enter the working class. thousands.

but jobs are no where to be found. at least not here.

where to, where to? anywhere but here.

the basketball player earns Php 150,000 a month on his first year of playing straight out of college.

the artista earns half a million pesos from having her face printed on a friggin tarp.

Manny Pacquiao takes home Php 5M win or lose.

the Filipino teacher who opted to teach in Switzerland earns Php 500,000 a year.

Ms. College Valedictorian ends up at home doing cross-stitch of the Last Supper and selling for Php 500.

I made up the figures, but you get the picture.

is it a crime to seek a better life abroad?

Certainly not.

the grass is always greener elswhere.

but i feel that working for purely self-interest is not only selfish. but it is a disservice to the country.

opting to work in another country is tantamount to digging our own grave as a nation.

in ten, twenty years from now, there might be no more doctors in the country. no more engineers, no more pilots, no more teachers, no more anything.

brain drain.

instant burger.



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