4th Batizado

for quite some time now, my good friend’s been into capoeira. it’s a Brazilian martial art wherein ‘fighters’ appear to be dancing more than fighting.

my good friend (Jaime) trains with EBC (Escola Brasiliera Capoeira) Philippines under their Brazilian instructor, Fantasma – – not sure if I got the spelling right.

Being a vehicle to promote Brazilian culture, EBC Philippines not only teaches the martial art as it also teaches students Brazilian songs. They even baptize students with Brazilian names.

Jaime’s Brazilian name is Besouro – – not sure if I got the spelling right. I don’t know what it means.

Like I said, some sort of baptism happens. That event is called the Batizado, to which Jaime has invited me to attend.

This 4th Batizado was held at the Podium along Ortigas.


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