it’s for me

whenever I take photographs, I take them for myself. not for those who may be reading this; not even for those who book me.

photography is a way for me to frame the world as I see it. and maybe share my vision with others.

in the same way that a film director is hired for for his vision and imagination, those who hire me hire me because of the way i see things. at least that’s the way it should be.

i’m not someone else’s trigger finger.

it’s never good to let others drown your ideas.

over the past few days, i’ve been quite busy making photographs. they are for publications. but ultimately, for myself.

Norman Dellosa, Alsey Cortez (and Ria Francisco) of Paramita

had fun photographing the band members of Paramita. Unfortunately, the girl (who’s the singer as well) wasn’t there.

We made a lot of photographs. A Collaboration. Their ideas plus mine without drowning each. Beautiful!

Wish I had the time to post the rest.

Wish the girl was present because they are the band. Not just these two guys. but it was fun nonetheless. also, these guys were very much into the shoot.

Shot a launch party as well at Shangri-La Makati.

I’m not saying which product it is.

but those observant enough should be able to tell.

Paolo Soler and Cat Juan

Howard Belton

I read an article about this guy in PEOPLE magazine.

What do you know? Finally met him.

I’m not a fan, though. And I don’t mean that in a negative way.

It’s just interesting to meet the people you read about.

Not just television celebrities, but people who are celebrities in their own way. famous people who gain fame not through the tube.

speaking of tubes…

I also met a girl who used to be a guy in the 80s. Wonder what happened there!

but i’m not posting the photos. Maybe i already have.

No I haven’t.

it’s dangerous!

might get all bruised up like this model.

I wonder how this girl explains the bruise to her parents. or to other people.

Uh…hit a table on the way out of the office…


Beautiful people are prone to getting beat up. Especially by the less gifted.

The ugly, in other words.

it’s a fact.

an unresearched fact.

RJ Ledesma. Lucky guy. Won a trip to Amanpulo.

Amanpulo. Approximately $1000 a night. Much like the talent fee of this sweet guy (and no, i won’t explain the joke if you don’t get it the first time).

and i’m not being mean.

Mr. Pure Energy. Gary Valenciano.

First time to see him perform live. He’s actually very good.

He really does move around a lot. And he’s quite thin, too.

but he’s not anorexic.

the other singer is rumored to be, though.

and i’m not posting her photo, either.

it’s dangerous!

I wonder why some people take dieting to the extreme.

I mean, food is good. but as with Jack Black’s comedy, too much is bad.

There so many great restaurants around.

Shot a party at M Cafe at the Ayala Museum. Great food!

Must be the skillful chef!

Chef Sau del Rosario, head chef of Museum Cafe (or M Cafe)

the food was damn good! and damn expensive, too!

good thing I didn’t have to pay for it, which makes it all the more great!

Cooking is a delicate art.

there’s a science to it, but it’s more art. great chefs can concoct mouth-watering dishes. and asian, western, mediterranean cuisines all have their great chefs.

It’s interesting what weird ideas people think of when it comes to preparing food. they twist them, chill them, dry them, and of course, they burn them.

no, not burn.


Creme Brulee

i wonder what’s up with anorexics and those going on strictly tasteless food diets. those who need it for medical reasons are an exception.

but for the rest…

toothpicks aren’t attractive.


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