be not afraid…of the sun

had a half-day track and field shoot yesterday at Rizal Oval Track. the other half, i spent photographing the prayer rally at Quirino Grandstand in Manila.

two days prior, I received a text message regarding the rally. Since I’ll be in the area anyway, I thought, why not?

i headed to Quirino Grandstand at around 230pm. Vehicular traffic along Roxas Boulevard had screeched to a halt because of the roadblocks. Thankfully, I brought my press and media pass, which enabled me to pass closed roads; as well as park in restricted areas.

if i hadn’t brought them, the nearest parking would’ve been half a kilometer away.

when i got there, the place was packed. i can’t do crowd estimates, but i’d say 20-30,000 at least.

like i said, it was a prayer rally. what for?

according to the latest headlines, it was for thanksgiving because the con-ass initiative was recently junked. Now, I may not agree with all they are for. not the least understand what all the noise is about…

but at least we all agree on one thing:

it was ridiculously hot that afternoon.

Drilon and Cory Aquino agree. Jamby prefers the iPod. Or was it her cellphone she’s using? But i think she agrees.

and they agree too.

Prayer rally.

The rule was that no ‘political’ banners be present. No “I hate GMA” signs allowed.

no, not the tv station.

but who cares? I still saw quite a number of anti-GMA posters around.

this lady was screaming all throughout the rally. I didn’t quite get what she was saying but it sounded hateful. and a little foreign. perhaps, latin.

what i found interesting is that the exercise was supposed to be for thanksgiving. and since ‘political’ signs weren’t allowed, you’d think maybe it wasn’t really about politics.

but the usual suspects were present.

Dinky “highlights” Soliman.

I’m not sure if they comprise the Black and White Movement. If they do, the shirt would signify the Black, and Dinky’s hair, the White.

So it might not be an apolitical exercise after all. I don’t know. I’m not updated with the political scene to know for sure. There are more important things, as it’s turned out.

nevertheless, if anyone’s gained anything from being baked under the sun for one whole day, it is this: free tan.

For the next prayer rally, I’m sure there’s a next, may I suggest to Nivea or Coppertone to sponsor the event.

and yes, I’d appreciate a little compensation for the suggestion.


Indiana Jones and Indiana Jane

Jack Sparrow

No, these guys weren’t at the rally. but it might have been fun-er if they were.

A few years back, I watched this movie. it’s called Wag the Dog.

I won’t give the synopsis. but it’s google-able so those interested could check it out.

Philippine Politics.

Are we the dog and is the tail wagging us?

Just a few hours ago, I found a set of articles under a chair. Having nothing much to do, I started reading them.

it was about the rule of law.

the article said something like:

we are obedient to the law, not in the sense that we are obedient to those who wrote the law. laws ascend to a position of higher authority (not held by any group of individuals) to which we are obedient.

wag the dog.

on another note:

Current Sanggunian ng Mag-aaral ng Ateneo de Manila has this reg2vote (register to vote) project.

it kicked-off a few months back, if i’m not mistaken. it’s designed to increase the participation of students in the coming elections by offering free jeepney rides to students to register at their respective municipalities.

i don’t know how effective it is.

we’ll see.

but i still don’t vote. I complain. but i don’t vote.

We pay taxes, though.

Maybe when I sense that my vote actually counts, then I will.


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