spotted dear

the temperature in the past few days has been noticeably cooler for some reason. no one’s really complaining…i think. the weather saves most from having to turn on airconditioning at night.


the Chinese new year is coming in a few weeks time. some say that explains the sudden temperature drop. i’m not sure if there’s any basis because i don’t recall Christmas weather in January in the past.

election season is about to go in full swing as well. in a few weeks time, campaign materials will begin to litter the streets and the media.

i’m quite sure there’s a designated ‘begin’ date to the campaigning but some don’t really follow it. as early as last week, the campaigning has started albeit ‘discreetly’. i heard from one of the senators that as long as the word ‘vote’ is not mentioned, then it’s alright.

there are always work arounds, huh.

Campaigns hidden behind a women’s empowerment advertisement.

Christmas messages from a politician…in January. how timely! but hey, christmas must be all-year round.

“Ang gara ng buhay”. Hello Senator Angara. Very ‘discreet’. who would have made the connection, right?

keys me.

what if i come up with some of my own?

here are some suggestions:


A School here, o! a school there, o! Escudero!

A chain? no! A key? no? Aquino!

Zoo? Beer? yeee! Zubiri!

Boxing, Basketball, Billiards. Villar.

itaktak mo, itaktak mo. itaktak takatakatakatakatak huh? Tatad! (this song is from Eat Bulaga)


speaking of noon time shows…

yum. bread was covered. now, for the drinks.

it’s funny how politicians pick the stupidest songs for their campaign jingles. but stupid doesn’t mean forgettable. it’s the stupid things that we remember the most.

for instance, i can’t remember the winners from American Idol. but i sure as hell remember William Hung.

By the way, i hear Pacquiao is planning to join politics. Let me make him a jingle:

Pack him! Pack them! Pacquiao!

easy. sure recall. sure winner.

seriously, pac-man should stay out of politics. it’s a ring way beyond his league.

one of his stupid potential running mates said something like: manny is smart. you can’t be dumb in boxing. since he’s smart, he can run for office.


excellent thinking mr. running mate.

if manny agrees to run, then he obviously isn’t smart enough.

he should listen to his mom.

mothers know best.


his mom has been reported as saying that she’ll go as far as to disown him if the champ does decide to run. yikes!

always interesting as well during the election season are the nuisance candidates.

most memorable for me has to be from the previous election, Eddie Gil. the guy’s hilarious. and what makes him even funnier is that he doesn’t know he is funny.

Gil started out as a political candidate, then ends up as an actor. also ventured into singing. he even had a concert at the Araneta Coliseum, which suprisingly no one watch.

i wonder where the guy is right now.

synchronized looking.

On the topic of elections, i look forward to the day when voting can be done electronically. i believe it will save a lot of hours in the counting; and it will be more accurate i think since human error is virtually out of the equation.

our overseas workers get to vote via the internet i believe. and that’s a good thing. at least that’s a step towards modernization.

but campaigning is high-tech now. they will be done through sms (text). The COMELEC cannot regulate it, though.

Hir na me. Wer na u. Mwah.

but i still have yet to receive my first ‘political ad’ via text. i’m curious as to what the copy might be.

should be interesting.

a few days ago, i don’t remember who, but someone mentioned that political ads–not like commercial ads–are not regulated by the AdBoard of the Philippines. why so? The ads won’t pass the screening because a clause in the regulations requires the ad to be truthful. that is, truth in advertising.

a separate body governs the political ads. probably one that doesn’t have such clause.


anyhow, the elections will be only a few months away. we’ll see what happens then. should be very interesting. hopefully no blood shed.


and no cheating.

there’s a deadline to the filing of certificate of candicacy. i’m not sure when but it’ll be within the next few weeks i believe.

yes, before i forget the jingles i suggested cannot be used without prior permission and proper financial compensation! i will sue!

door shut.

i hope this post finds you well!


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