porky pig and the three witnesses

wow. it’s been quite a while since my last post. a lot has happened in-between since.

well, here’s an ‘ano ba talaga kuya moment?!’. One way, five ways, no way?

was watching the oscar re-runs a few days ago. wonder why the Oscars are called the Oscars. rumor has it that it’s because the golden statue looked a bit like the uncle of one of the Academy members. no shit. i digress.

from what i’ve heard, we had the edited down version of it shown here. from four hours, i think, down to an hour.

finally, they thought of something beneficial for the people who actually have other things to attend to. i’m just interested in the major awards. like Achievement in Makeup.

i dislike it when organizers somehow stretch something that can be concluded in an hour and a half into something ridiculously long just to give space for the advertisers to bombard us with their crap. and so they can also sell tickets for ‘no commercial break’ screenings.

and speaking of commercials, a lot of political ads are on tv now. the always-on-tv-anyway candidates are once again on tv. this time, in song and dance.

but there’s one candidate whose commercial i’d like to see. Chavit. Please sing, son.

i’m also curious if anyone will actually vote for him. obviously a good for nothing politician. but lo and behold, he’s running for office. we’ll see. we’ll be jueteng for the results.

everything in this frame is in this frame for a reason…well, that’s the idea behind composition, anyway.

yes, before i forget, our favorite talkshow host is back in the news again. same shit, different day.

it baffles me to this day, why anyone is still frickin’ interested. i’m sure we have equally interesting lives but shit, this talkshow host. she really can draw attention to herself. can’t she keep her business hers? and can’t we keep out of her business?

why the heck should I be hearing about the obviously personal love problems of some showbiz personality in the evening news? and it’s not just in the entertainment segment. it’s the stupid headline! Beats me. drama sells. SEXaggeration sells even better.

enough is enough. Éramos Pocos. that means ‘one too many’, which incidentally is a movie nominated for Best Live Action Short Film.

history is quite clearly saying something: stop going out with players. and smoking is bad for you.

on the topic of smoking

i think it’s high-time we cut down our pollution-emmission.

i read somewhere that taking the train (MRT or LRT) instead of a car even for just once a week can save the earth from a whole lot of pollution. i don’t know the figures but i’m sure it’s sizable.

it’s really about what one single person can do. nevermind if all others won’t pitch in on the effort. at least we are doing our part. a little love goes a long way.

additionally, there’s the problem of statistics. i read on Howie Severino’s blog that Filipinos aren’t fond of counting. In fact, there is a huge chance that no authority knows how many vehicles are actually traveling along EDSA at certain times of the day.

aside: shockingly, we don’t even have data on road accidents.

keeping count means keeping track, keeping account; and obviously we aren’t.

i mean, sure there are laws to protect the enviroment and all. there are even all these watchdogs, that, well, watch.

but laws are only as strong as their implementation. it’s a cliche. but cliches are cliches because most often than not they are true. another cliche, which by the way won Achievement in Makeup.

No wait, that was Click.

maybe we should start riding bikes. besides, there are way too much cars on the road. the most annoying being: huge Ford Expedition thunders by…then out comes a small kid. and yaya. and stroller bag.

what a waste of space and gas.

by the way Ford Expedition is a gas-guzzler. i have friends who own Expeditions. you have to reach deep into your pocket to pay the hefty price tag. then reach even deeper down to your socks to pay for the gas.

where the hell’s that guy who invented the water-powered car? by the way, his name is Daniel Dingel.

oh wait, our excellent Department of Science and Technology dismissed his invention as a hoax.

According to Dingel, it’s because the DOST is conspiring with oil companies.

who knows?

one things pretty much for certain, the old man is cruising around in his water-powered car while the rest of us…well…are not.

i think there’s a youtube video out there showing Daniel and his water-powered car. you might want to do a search–google-ize. He even has a yahoo groups discussing the technology and such.

maybe the hydro-car is the way of the future. maybe it isn’t.

in fact, there are similar research efforts among scientists from other countries regarding the water-powered engine.

yes, before i forget. i was watching the news a few nights ago and i came across this featurette on the students of DLSU Engineering. They were constructing this vehicle called Sinag (sunrays). it’s the first Philippine solar-powered car that will compete in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge in Australia this October.

but what surprised me wasn’t that we have the technology to engineer such a vehicle. What surprised was that my classmate in grade school, Martin Sy-Quia was the head of the shell team. Wow!

You might want to read about it more here: http://www.goodnewspilipinas.com/docs/tech_milestones/archived/phil_solar_car.html

that’s just cool.

Hope they win! and I hope that the technology can be harnessed locally for our use!

so it’s about chasing the dream. doesn’t matter if you’re young or old and emaciated.

and it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘cool’ technology or not. i think innovations are innovations are innovations. as long as there’s a constant drive towards improving; not falling into complacency, it’s all good.

we each have our own talents. skills. things we’re good at. maybe it’s not about looking elsewhere. perhaps it’s about looking inward. into ourselves. what are we good at? then capitalize on that.

Hope this post finds you well!


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