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two hostage dramas in one month. that has to have broken some record.

i wonder why the first hostage taking situation at Taguig was less publicized compared to the latest one. Could it have been staged?

i don’t know.


but somehow, i felt that the hostage drama in Manila was taken less seriously by the public. maybe they thought it was a film shoot…what with Bong Revilla on set.

personally, i didn’t take it seriously either. firstly, the hostage-taker wanted education for children. secondly, he said he wouldn’t hurt the kids. Alright, point taken. if that’s the case, then who was he taking hostage of? the bus?!

the last time i checked, the idea of taking hostages is to use them as human shields or as threats if demands aren’t met.

no i didn’t really check.

i don’t know what is up with Ducat (he’s the ‘hostage-taker’). obviously, he just wanted attention. he did it twice before, he’s doing it again. another record must have been broken somewhere.

what’s interesting as well was how the media handled the fiasco. note: i was watching ANC’s coverage.

it was funny how they tried to drag the whole event into a day’s worth of coverage. at some times, they were just babbling about nonsensical things. i think they should research more on how situations such as these are covered.

and please, don’t go to the point of suggesting to the police what they should do.

“shouldn’t he be disarmed first before he disembarks the bus?”

c’mon. stop acting like experts.

i know you guys dread dead-air. but when you have nothing better to say, you keep quiet.

i don’t like it when they have to narrate what is happening in the scene as if we can’t see it on tv. radio’s different.

“so now, singson is boarding the bus”

yes, we can see that. why don’t you guys come up with something with more insight.

for official use only.

it’s like putting caption on photos. basic photojournalism: don’t tell us what we can obviously tell from the photograph. dig deeper and tell us something we don’t know about.

it was interesting as well how they kept some police officials on the line and kept asking them stupid questions especially during the night time telecast. was it to prevent other stations from getting hold of the same person for interview?

oh, and another thing. this julius babao guy. he interviewed the mother (or was it the grand mother?) of one of the released hostages. he kept insisting that she must be scared for the lives of the kids instead of sympathizing with the cause of the hostage-taker. wow! i find it appalling that media-men should go as far as to suggest to the their interviewees what to think.

he was obviously leading her into saying something bad or dramatic about the hostage-taker, which she did not.

sound bites.

excellent interviewing skills. you should be a lawyer, not a newscaster.

and why the hell is our favorite senatoriable on the scene as well? at least Bong Revilla was requested by the hostage-dude to show up. what about Chavit?

playing hero, aren’t we?

why the hell did the police allow him to alight the bus and go as far as to disarm the hostage-guy himself?

what if the hand-grenades blew up? of course, they wouldn’t.  they were fake.

any civilian, action-star or not, would fear handling live-grenades especially those with the safety-pin pulled out.

even bomb squads have to wear protective gear when handling explosives.

i wonder.

well-played. well-played.

i bought the same ice cream this guy did. it was very good. i forgot the name of the ice-cream stall but it had this korean guy, Rain, as their endorser.

you know, there’s a reason why we have police men. they are there precisely for siuations such as this.

my guess is that they allowed political personalities to get near the bus, not because they had poor crowd control skills. it was because they feared them. they probably thought that since these guys were ‘adminstration’ guys, they had in some odd way the right to do whatever they wanted.

just look at how they handle other crowd disturbances. they’ve got water cannons, police shields and batons, and etc.

but it could’ve been just that they were all caught up in the situation and the attention that they forgot their job.

lessons learned, nevertheless.

that hostage drama kind of reminds me of Dustin Hoffman and John Travolta’s movie. I forgot the title.

anyway, thankfully it didn’t end the same way. in the movie, the explosives were real.

in many ways, i still don’t understand what the hell happened in the most recent hostage fiasco. is there any deep sociological analysis to the situation? perhaps. most likely, yes.

i’m no sociologist. and most likely, neither are you.

but if any sociologist is reading this, kindly shed some light.

anyhow, summer is coming in full-swing in a few days.

i learned that this one’s going to be the hottest yet thanks to global warming.

also, i’m thinking (thinking really hard!) about this project i’m going to embark on. it has to do with, yes, changing the world, one community at a time.

i’m still in the works regarding the details, but if you’re interested to know about it, send me a note or an email.

it has to do with education.

it’s a new concept under the umbrella of a newer concept.

enigmatic for now, but if it pushes through…

hopefully it does. we’ll see.

sometime ago, someone told me that there’s no use in dreaming small.

dare to dream. dare to make a difference.

i’m keeping my toes crossed.

hope this post finds you well!


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