I don’t know what it is with women and shoes (and now, even slippers). They can never seem to have enough of them.

While I understand that, yes, a good pair of shoes are important, it’s beyond me why they have to buy basically the same pair but in different colors.

Think about the flip-flops.

Think about ballet flats.

Yes, I actually do know what they are called thanks to my friend who sells them.

guys, I think, are different. At least I am.

I own exactly 3 pairs: black leather shoes, 2 rubber shoes. that’s it.

I normally wait ’til the soles that touch the pavement are those of my feet before I buy a new pair…that was before I met a guy named Mr. Quickie. Now, I just buy new rubber soles.

Back to flip-flops. I just found out they cost hundreds of pesos. Used to think 50 pesos could get you a pair. no sir.

not Havaianas.

maybe Spartan. or Islander.

but the shoes women wear are always interesting. they say you can tell a lot about a person from the shoes they wear.

but i’m not sure if there’s a 1-1 correspondence such that:

dilapidated shoe = dilapidated personality.


black dirty sole = you’re going to hell.

hopefully there’s none.

maybe if there’s one thing we’ll all agree on, it’s that women’s shoes are usually very creative and unique. in fact, i’ve yet to see two women wear the same pair of shoes at the same time; at the same place.

some are close to having the same pair. but not quite.

always not quite.

there’s also this whole science to matching the proper pair with the clothes or dress for the day.

i never understood how it worked. color is part of it, but there’s more to it than just that.

it’s a very complex science. i don’t think it’s an exact science either.

sometimes, women don’t agree on which pair matches which clothes.

then there’s this whole deal about the handbags. they can’t get enough of that either.

but i digress.

I wonder how much money women spend on shoes in a year.

remember seeing a feature of Time magazine on shoes some months ago. There was this one by Manolo Blahnik.

costs a fortune.

it’s the kind of shoe you’d rather keep inside the box and walk bare-footed instead. it’s more expensive than your leg.

maybe both your arm and leg.

it’s like the McLaren.

obviously, no functional purpose, but they make them ’cause they can.

so why do women buy so many shoes?

apart of course from prettifying themselves. is that even a word?

it’s perhaps because they can.


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