it’s changed before we even realize it.

time has flown. the hourglass can’t be reversed.

all we are left with are records of the past.


life is a series of movements.

of change.

getting used to anything is a trap. there’s no such thing as permanence.

‘getting used to’ keeps us from living. from accepting. from adapting.

from moving on.

we are always at the brink of change. from yesterday to today. then tomorrow.

some changes happen quicker than others. some we don’t even notice.

smooth transitions.

but there are changes that we bring upon ourselves. a conscious effort.

we decide to be more today than yesterday.

we decide to be better.

at times we can control the transitions.

but it is foolish to desire to manhandle all life’s transitions.

the cogs of time, of change, will always be ahead of us. we merely move with it. change along it. like a small boat in the high seas.

acceptance of reality is key. prepare for what we can prepare for.  then we simply take the leap of faith.

it’s about perspectives.

if we see life as transitional, then we begin to enjoy the changes that come about.

we enjoy it with friends, with family.

we go through life’s transitions together.

we begin to see that we are traveling with others.

but ultimately, we travel alone.

alone but not lonely.

alone but not in despair.

because we see; we understand.

that time is elusive.

Hope this post finds you well!


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