There comes a time when we gotta pack our bags and go see the world.

Traveling opens our eyes to other cultures; other ways of living. It broadens our perspective.

Perhaps the best way to understand is through experience. Reading about cultures and watching them on television can only do so far as to ignite the desire to see for one’s self, to feel. But nothing can replace immersion.

The world is vast. We are vast. It will be a great pity to limit one’s self from life’s possibilities.

Barriers to travel are coming down like dominos.

For the longest time, it cost a fortune to travel by plane. But thankfully, it’s a lot cheaper now. Less than USD20 can get you from Manila to China on some carriers. Excluding tax of course, but still way cheaper than before.

Surely, you won’t get first class treatment on the plane. Honestly though, I couldn’t care less.

There are numerous budget hotels as well in most destinations. So really, there’s no reason not to head out there and see the world.

Learning about other cultures has been one of the most fulfilling and worthwhile endeavors for me (and I’m sure for most people).

A glimpse into the world different from our own makes us see ours in a new light. Engaging in conversation with folks from other countries affords us a new way of understanding; of seeing.

it is mind-opening. enlightening.

Immersion in other cultures helps us appreciate our own and those of others. We begin to learn about their values and such. We might even pick up some of those traits for ourselves to help us become better.

Moreover, traveling is an effective way of junking biases and stereotypes because we see others as they are; not through some screen.

Seeing for ourselves what others are like before making any judgments. That is the hallmark of a mature person. At least for me.

Stereotypes are precisely that. Stereotypes.

Most times, our pre-fabricated concepts of others prevents us from truly engaging with a person, to learn from them, to relate, to build relationships.

that’s just unfortunate.

to place a anyone in a box is doing that person a great injustice.

it isn’t humane.

Through exploration and immersion, we slowly see how different we are from other cultures. The way we dress, what we eat, what we like listening to, and the list goes on.

but then somewhere along the way. somewhere down the road. we get a flash of insight.

We are the same after all.

Beyond the everything, we are all the same after all.

I hope this post finds you well!


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