right out of my mouth

On this rare occasion, I’m posting a youtube video I found from one my feeds.

Brief intro:

A few months ago, I got a call from a student in our university asking if I’d be interested to photograph an ad campaign they are doing as part of a competition they are joining. I said, “sure why not. How much is your budget?”

after quite a few hours, the person replied. It turned out the dean of their school was part of the project. So here it went: “Mr–(the dean)–said he isn’t paying for a photographer. Only the creatives will get paid.”


In other words, everyone would get paid for their time and talent. But not the photographer.

I replied: “why is it that everyone will be paid except the photographer?”

You guessed it. No reply.

So here’s Harlan Ellison. He articulates the sentiments of those who believe their time and talent are worth more than just “exposure”.

Needless to say, I believe the team  didn’t win. That’s one lesson to learn (for the students and the dean).

No such thing as a free lunch.


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