rubbing elbows

the February 29 interfaith rally at the heart of the Makati Business District is an occasion where the rich rubs elbows with the poor.

For the poor, the fight is for something more basic: housing and better work conditions, to name a few.

For the monied, it’s about the truth.

When ousted president Erap Estrada came up on stage, the masses cheered wildly amid the very middle class personalities and those from the academe who ejected him from office just a few years ago in a People Power Revolution part II.

It’s interesting how we tolerate certain things in society.

If the sitting President is successfully forced to step down, whose battle is won?

Will much of how things are run in the country change by changing one leader and replacing him with another?

The problem really is systemic, institutional, and institutionalized.

What we have is a system where good people are forced to allow certain forms of corruption if not succumb to it entirely. It is a system where humans lose their dignity and are forced to be selfish; while others are moved towards inaction because after all, everybody does it.

let there be no illusions that changing the current president solves anything. i believe, it is just a start of a more difficult process of system overhaul. the latter part is less glorious and exciting. It is definitely more difficult but nevertheless more essential if we want a better country. It involves us more than ever.

I’m not sure if we are up for that.


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